We’ve all heard stories about the random individual playing an equally random casino game, only to walk away with millions in their pocket. It’s something that happens on occasion, but for sure isn’t something you can count on. What’s more, not every casino game is about pure luck.

A Few Cool Facts About Online Gambling

Now that we’ve been taking care of the more serious problems, let’s concentrate on some of the more fun aspects of gambling. Read on and (hopefully) walk away with at least one pearl of wisdom to share with anyone who is willing to listen:

Men Are More Likely to Gamble

Let’s continue with some insight into the demographics of online gambling. 11 percent of all Internet users are believed to be active gamers, and it is estimated that men actually account for more than 80 percent of gamers.

Slots Are the Most Popular Game

A fun fact about slot machines – they used to give away chewing gum that could be exchanged for money! That’s why many of the computers still use fruit symbols, just in case you ever wondered. Several reports have found that over 70% of online casino operators ‘revenues come from online slot machines. We’ve mentioned before that whether you win or lose is totally down to chance, but even if you win small amounts of money, casinos earn a lot more than you do.

The Biggest Win Ever

Online gaming is a lot of fun, but playing your cards right with a progressive jackpot game can be very lucrative as well. As the jackpot increases for every bet you make, some jackpots can be massive.